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How to become your own Swiss Army Knife Marketing Department
Digital Marketing Expert. Author, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer

In Clo's talk, you'll get an easy to follow, step-by-step marketing guide that helps you maximize your marketing efforts. Her talk is packed with models, information, and examples to help you get opportunities to come to you, instead of you chasing them.


Clo Willaerts is a digital marketing expert with extensive experience in digital business. She is one of the best known internet specialists in Belgium.

As a frequently asked speaker and consultant, she is currently one of our most important opinion-makers on the impact of digital technology on the way we live and work.

She recently published her third book: "Digital Marketing like a PRO" - the ultimate handbook for anyone with a digital heartbeat.

This avid marketing guru is aimed at both the less experienced marketer and the professional, who wants to boost and update their skills.

One thing is certain: after this Clo keynote, you know exactly how you can achieve those marketing objectives!

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The impact of changing your pricing strategy 
Co-Founder & CEO at Pricing Pact


Do you know if your price is too high or too low? In his talk, Laurent will show how a self-employed charged before for his/her services and the impact a price strategy change advised by Laurent's companies Pricing Pact methodology had on revenue and profit.



Laurent has several years of experience with pricing, both as a consultant, startup founder and coach. Now he is co-founder and CEO of Pricing Pact, helping companies of any sizes to develop a value-based pricing strategy with its unique and user-friendly web-based solution

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Freelance Panel

 A panel of experienced freelancers shares their true answers on freelance related topics


Meet and follow sessions with these experienced freelancers

Anthony Stabourlos

Strategic Marketer

Ralitza Soultanova 

Humanist photographer 

Adrien Willems

ICT strategy consultant

Linda A. Thompson 
Freelance journalist
Judith Escalier Revollo

Entrepreneur Coach

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Judith is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to set their goals, design their strategies to enter the market, find the balance to get it all done, and to take the steps to unleash their full potential.

Ken de Kort

Video marketeer and thought leadership expert

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Ken de Kort is co-founder and CEO of The House of Spark, one of the first Thought Leadership agencies in Belgium.


Next to a rich history in the Belgium television and media scene, Ken helps brands and individuals turn their expertise and thought leadership into market leadership.


Video is no longer one of your marketing assets, it is the core on which you build a consistent and recurring stream of content pieces to share with the world.

KristofMaddelein - Kristof Maddelein_edi
Kristof Maddelein

Copywriter & content marketer

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Kristof Maddelein writes copy that helps B2B and tech companies launch products, attract customers and outsmart competitors.

If you want copy that:
• Makes complex things simple
• Stops tech buyers in their tracks
• Makes your message jump off the page

… then Kristof is your guy.

Kristof has worked as an in-house copywriter and marketer for 15 years before turning freelance in 2017. Today, he writes copy and content for big multinationals and smaller B2B brands.

Kristof loves to talk about copywriting, marketing, freelancing, the Big Lebowski and the entire Iron Maiden catalogue, in no particular order of importance.

Anthony Stabourlos

Strategic Marketer

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Senior expert with +10 years experience in Digital Strategy, Performance Marketing, Communication and business strategy.


Anthony started his first tech startup around 2009, launched several businesses in tech and freelancer since 2013. Worked for a lot of top tier companies and brands over the years in several expertises.

Cathy Habils

Data Protection Officer / GDPR

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How do you go about complying to the GDPR in your business as a Freelancer? What do you need to do? How much will it cost you? How much time will it take? Can you do it on your own?


As an experienced business owner Cathy understands the need to be agile and focused on your core activities. Anything outside the essence of your business does not make you any money.


She will hand you some useful tools, tips and tricks to start your GDPR compliance journey in her session. 


Cathy Habils is a Certified Data Protection Officer and GDPR Lead Auditor. Creating a “workable” synergy between the needs of a business owner/company and the rights and freedoms of the data subject is my passion.

Geraldine Huybrechts

Sparking Visibility - Online & Offline (Social Media, Personal Branding, Events, Networking, Mindset)

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Geraldine guide solopreneurs  to boost their visibility with an original “all-in” approach:


1/ ONLINE presence

How to optimize your social media channels?

Learn to expand your network online and create meaningful messages

How to position yourself in an authentic way?

Define your personal brand

Empowerment of your mindset to dare to show up

How to create fans and ambassadors?


2/ OFFLINE/LIVE communications

Organize your event (workshop, open-door, ..) and don’t forget the details

Learn how to network in real life


A tailormade, unique 1-1 coaching concept with massive result.


Besides visibility coach Geraldine inspires with her journey from burnout to starting her own business as a keynote speaker. Her message to the world is: It’s essential to return to your inner self to listen to your heart. That’s your GPS that will give you the right answers in silence.

Magali De Reu

Freelance Storyteller

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Magali's work focuses on entrepreneurship, digital transformation, business and personal growth, and appears in leading-edge media outlets such as The Next Web, Knack, Bloovi and Datanews.


As a storyteller, Magali is particularly passionate about examining and delving into the ways in which people communicate.


She is an enthusiastic traveler and a relentless student of the world.

Peter Quirijnen

Artist Illustrator

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As a freelance illustrator for more than 25 years Peter has done many different types of jobs. His first task was as a background designer for various international television cartoons. He spent another part of his professional life in 'Studio 100', where he designed characters, sets, books, etc. for a theme park and television.


Peter was one of the founders of a city magazine 'Zone 03' that is now being distributed throughout the Benelux. For the comic series 'Suske en Wiske' he drew sets and backgrounds for more than 10 years. In recent years he has focused on painting with oil on the one hand and on creativity-related projects on the other. Still working as an illustrator he also started coaching companies looking for innovative ideas by using brainstorming or Design Thinking methods. Together with a colleague freelancer he  just started a new business called 'Different Creatives'.

Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx

Designer & Co-Founder at PandaPanda

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Freelance Designer of digital products with a focus on UI and UX. Working for companies small and big in various sectors. Co-Founded an online travel startup, sold it and is now managing the digital product agency PandaPanda.

Ralitza Soultanova 

Humanist photographer 

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Ralitza specializes in modern portraiture and real-life photo stories for business or personal use. 

She decided to start her business 8 years ago after a career as a sociologist and administrator at the Université libre de Bruxelles. She made her career change at a moment many photographers were going out of business. At the event, she will share with you her tips for success. 

Evelien De Bruyne 

Digital marketeer & Entrepreneur 

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Evelien is a multipotentialite who combines running her own business with being a freelance digital marketer. She loves simplifying things and is hands-on in everything she does. She has worked in companies ranging from 3 to 7.000 employees and enjoys both for different reasons.


Linda A. Thompson Freelance journalist

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Linda A. Thompson is a Belgian freelance journalist specialised in covering corporate tax and social injustice. She's written for international publications like Bloomberg Law, Deutsche Welle, OZY, International Politics & Society, USA Today and Equal Times, as well as local publications like Knack, Trends and MO*. In 2018, she joined the board of the Flemish journalists' association VVJ to better defend the interests of freelance and young journalists. She's also the co-founder of The Friendly Freelancer, a newsletter for creative freelancers.


She is the connection between the different talks and activities. She introduces the speakers. She moderates the questions. She is the master of ceremony 


Katrina Sichel

Moderator and Managing Director of Wit and Word Communications

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Katrina is a London-born, Brussels-based moderator with a degree in Modern
Languages from Oxford University. A former TV producer and Director of a
Broadcast PR agency, she put together news packages for the BBC, Sky News, ITV,
Channel 4, Bloomberg, Associated Press and Reuters, interviewing well-known figures
from the arts, fashion and political arenas.


Since 2009, Katrina has been moderating
events in Brussels and across Europe covering diverse topics and policy areas, from
R&I, digital transformation, human rights and social affairs, to environment, climate
change, transport and energy, fisheries, agriculture, public services and health.
Alongside, until 2017, she managed the development and roll-out across Europe of
multi-lingual, multimedia communications campaigns targeting the public, and EU
and national stakeholders from diverse sectors. Katrina speaks fluent French, rusty
fluent Russian and a dash of German alongside her native tongue.

Special opening speech ​

Future of work


Marleen Deleu

Owner The Flex Academy / Director Trends & Insights NextConomy

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30+ year experience as Contingent Workforce consultant supporting companies to develop a vision and policy optimizing how they source and engage with external staffing.


Launched NextConomy in 2017 as a unique Belgian knowledge platform and community for sharing news and insights on the future of work.


We aim to stimulate the debate on new ways of working for individuals and advanced ways of organizing work for companies.


Much asked for keynote speaker and moderator on topics related to future proof talent management. Co-author of 'Mis geen talent' the first book on Total Talent Management and based on the best practice case at VRT (due March 2020)