In our free monthly Freelance Forward Facts you'll find:

  • Spotlight: Learn from the experiences of real freelancers in interviews by Loes Keimes

  • Dates to remember and news: by editor-in-chief Tracey D'Afters

  • Events: Jean-François Bodart provides a list of cool upcoming events relevant for freelancers who want to get smarter and stronger in their trade

  • Community Updates: Jenny Bjorklof updates us with community news and freelance conversations of the month

  • Sketchnote of the month: artist Nathanëlla Monsaert illustrates a downloadable poster with various tips

  • Tools of Our Trade: Stephan Van Der Wildt reviews freelance essential tools 

The Freelance Forward Facts is brought to you by
Loes Keimes
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Loes is a Social Media Strategist & Freelance Wordsmith. She is responsible for the Freelance Stories and supports with newsletter optimisation

Tracey D'Afters
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Communication Specialist & Voice Over Artist Tracey is responsible for the News and Important Dates section and supports with editing. 

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Business Development and Sales Specialist Jean-François Bodart is responsible for the sections Freelance Conversations and Events. 

Stephan Van Der Wildt
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Virtual Admin virtuoso Stephan shares monthly freelance tool reviews in the FFF. 

Diana Chitchiyan
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Diana works as a graphic designer and is supporting FFF with visuals, design and content. 

Nathanëlla Monsaert
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Nathanëlla works as a journalist, graphic designer and illustrator. For FFF she shares freelance tips in a sketch note.