7th of February 2020

Learn the practical, real-life experienced things about freelancing that you can't easily find via searching online or talking with non-freelancers.

Topics such as price setting, finding customers, taxes and much more! 



Registration and coffee


Welcome and introduction

Moderator: Katrina Sichel

Opening speech: Marleen Deleu - Owner The Flex Academy and Director Trends & Insights NextConomy: Future of Work


Freelance Panel: Experienced freelancers reveal their best tips


Ask experienced freelancers anything you want in this interactive session. A panel of experienced freelancers shares their true answers on why and how they became freelancers and how they go about networking and finding customers. They will also tell how they deal with uncertainty, irregular income and taxes, what they put in their contracts and more.


Strategic Marketer - Anthony Stabourlos

Freelance journalist - Linda A. Thompson

Humanist photographer - Ralitza Soultanova

Freelance ICT strategy consultant - Adrien Willems


Pick your experts Q&A sessions-pitches

Freelancers and partners present their topics of small parallel working sessions where participants can ask questions directly from the experts in small groups.

Facilitated by participation guru Marina Lynch and Visual Practitioner Teresa Vetter of Visuality.


12:00 - 13:00

2x30 minutes break-out sessions with freelancers and partners


Freelance Experts:

  • Strategic Marketer - Anthony Stabourlos

  • Data Protection Officer / GDPR - Cathy Habils

  • Sparking Visibility - Online & Offline (Social Media, Personal Branding, Events, Networking, Mindset) - Geraldine Huybrechts

  • Entrepreneur Coach - Judith Escalier Revollo

  • Video marketer and thought leadership expert- Ken de Kort

  • Copywriter & content marketer - Kristof Maddelein

  • Freelance Storyteller - Magali De Reu

  • Artist Illustrator - Peter Quirijnen

  • Designer & Co-Founder at PandaPanda - Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx

  • Humanist photographer - Ralitza Soultanova

  • Freelance digital marketer & entrepreneur - Evelien De Bruyne

  • Freelance journalist - Linda A. Thompson

See more information about the experts here


  • Tentoo

  • Securex

  • ING

  • Furbo Legal

P.S Fear Of Missing Out-remedy: We know you will want to follow all the sessions. You can move during the sessions, and remember, you can also connect and speak with the experts and partners during the extra-long 90-minute lunch using the Conversation Starter app. And there is always the Facebook group too! 


Extra-long (1.5hr) lunch break with sandwich-buffet, coffee and expo 

  • Networking with Conversation Starter app - sponsored by Nedworks. Attendees sign up via link in email.

  • Continue conversations with the freelance experts, learn more about them here.

  • Visit the Business Clinic for specific questions about starting and running a business (Securex, ING, Unizo, Tentoo, Lancr, Lizy, Workero

  • Job Market for information on finding new opportunities and projects (CrossCast, NedWorks and Jellow)

  • During lunch the auditorium converts into an introvert zone who rather stay silent or have quiet 1-to-1 conversations.

  • Get your profile pic at extra cost. Update: SOLD OUT



  • Usually, there is not enough time at conferences to reflect on what has actually been said and done. The Freelancers in Belgium Day is different. We will all gather at the auditorium and you'll get to both reflect on your own learnings, share and learn how the other participants have experienced the day so far both digitally and in a fun "play" with the moderator. 


Keynote: How to become your own Swiss Army Knife Marketing Department


Digital Marketing Expert. Author, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer


Keynote: The impact of changing your pricing strategy


Co-Founder & CEO at Pricing Pact


Thank you by community manager Jenny Bjorklof


Special appearance and one-of-a-kind comedy act "Freelance Bloopers" by Maritime Photographer Mike Louagie


What's next?


Enjoy and continue the networking at the after-work party for once with your freelancer colleagues!