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Announcing survey results and some great projects!

A few weeks ago, we asked what you think about the Freelancers in Belgium communities and how you plan to future proof yourself as a freelancer. To the 152 of you who took the time to give us feedback: thank you! Because of you, we are able to take the community to a higher level and help you to move forward as a freelancer.

We were happy to see the good results and your positive feedback. 63% of you would recommend Freelancers in Belgium, because of the networking opportunities, knowledge shared and community feeling.

Awareness campaign

Even though our aim is not to be a job platform, we see in the survey results that the demand for jobs and opportunities lives among you. To solve this, we are launching a national campaign, with the goal to improve the image of freelancing and show Belgian companies the potential of working with freelancers. This is our sustainable way to create more and better assignments for you. 

Networking and coaching for future proof freelancing

To stand still is to fall behind. The survey results show that your desire to learn and grow is major. Especially skills such as marketing, copywriting and coaching are high on the wish list. Upskilling, reskilling and blending expertise, Freelancers in Belgium will help you with all of it by organizing training and mentoring programmes. 

In the pipeline for HR freelancers: HR Cockpit, a project where 11 HR freelancers with all different expertises and strengths bundle forces. We are redefining HR, because we feel the whole HR approach should be rethought. COVID-19 is changing the way we work rapidly and the way we look at using talent. Next to that we want to raise awareness about the expertise that HR Freelancers can bring to companies. More info soon...hold your horses!

But of course, we also take into account your greatest expectation of the community: networking. In November and December, we will organize two networking events at which we will also be giving the floor (the screen in times of corona) to brilliant speakers. Check the events here: www.freelancersinbelgium.be/events

More support for starters 

25% of the community consists of starting freelancers or freelancers with less than one year of experience. We also want to support them. In the meantime, we launched the Start2Freelance e-book in partnership with Securex. The guide is available in English, Dutch and French and can be downloaded here: https://www.securex.be/en/our-publications/ebooks/become-a-freelancer. In the future, we want to give even more support to starters. 

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