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Meet fellow freelancers just like you

200+ freelancers are getting together to learn, share, connect and get inspired for one day in Brussels 

Learn how to start and run your freelance business

Get tips about price setting, finding customers, online visibility, taxes and more 

Find opportunities and get information

Visit the Business Clinic and Job Market expo and learn about assignments and more.

  • Freelancers-to-be

    Thinking about becoming a freelancer? Join to meet and learn from other freelancers!

  • New freelancers

    Get support and motivation to bring your business to the next level

  • Advanced freelancers

    Share your expertise and support new freelancers. Find new potential partners.

Active mainly in the following sectors

  • Marketing and communication freelancers

    Digital marketing, content creators, translators, journalists... ​

  • Independent professionals

    HR, finances, sales, project managers, business developers...​

  • Creatives

    Photographers, videographers, graphic designers...​



Experienced freelancers reveal their best lessons

Interactive panel discussion where you can ask experienced freelancers your most pressing questions


Extra-long lunch break with sessions and activities

Freelancer to Freelancer sessions - view the experts here.

Business Clinic and JobMarket

Networking with  Conversation Starter (provided by NedWorks)

Introvert corner

Profile photo SOLD OUT (see more info here)


How to maximize your growth as a business and a freelancer

Learn about price setting and marketing in short, focused and interactive presentations.


Comedy Act Freelance Bloopers!


How to become your own Swiss Army Knife Marketing Department



Digital Marketing Expert. Author, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer

The impact of changing your pricing strategy  


Co-Founder & CEO at Pricing Pact

Anthony Stabourlos

Strategic Marketer

Cathy Habils

Data Protection Officer / GDPR

Geraldine Huybrechts

Sparking Visibility - Online & Offline 

Judith Escalier Revollo

Entrepreneur Coach

Ken de Kort

Video marketeer and thought leadership expert

Kristof Maddelein

Copywriter & content marketer

Magali De Reu

Freelance Storyteller

Peter Quirijnen

Artist Illustrator

Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx

Designer & Co-Founder at PandaPanda

Special Appearance

Comedy Act

Freelance Bloopers

Mike Louagie

Photographer and multimedia freelancer specialised in cruise ships and ferries

Cruise ship travel writer with a passion for expedition ships and polar destinations. Editor of the weekly newsletter for the ferry industry. Giving lectures to share a passion for ocean and river travel and to inspire.

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Ralitza Soultanova

Humanist Photographer

Evelien De Bruyne

Freelance digital marketeer & entrepreneur

Linda A. Thompson

Freelance journalist

Special Appearance


Katrina Sichel

Moderator and Managing Director of Wit and Word Communications

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Interested in sponsoring? Please send an email to 

Business Clinic 

Specific questions about administration, legal affairs, insurance, banking, tax optimisation and accounting can be asked at the Business Clinic.  


ING offers multiple digital banking services, insurance and lending solutions for freelancers


With a special focus on freelancers, Securex introduced a new offering: Start to Freelance. Start to Freelance - an all-in-one solution in your journey as a starting entrepreneur. 


VAT, accountancy, bookkeeping, tax and finance advice for starting and growing freelance businesses

Furbo Legal

Legal advice, especially for freelancers 

Get support in setting up your general terms and conditions, service agreements, contracts and more.


Easy leasing solutions for SME's and professionals. Premium new and used cars delivered at your doorstep within 2 weeks.


Skipr is a service that allows freelancers to manage their mobility like never before. An app on which you can plan, book and pay for your mobility. Skipr automatically organizes mobility expenses from partners in one single monthly invoice. 


Find the best deals for the products and services you need in your professional



The most innovative partner of shared flexible workspaces between companies, startups and working heroes.

Brand Aid Clinic

The Brand Aid Clinic wants you to get the result and reputation you deserve. By using scans, consultancy and all kinds of treatments you’ll find yourself in no time on your way to grow a healthy brand. 


Our goal? To make freelancing as easy as possible. You can do this via our payroll system or via Tentoo for self-employed individuals

Office Arena

Office Arena is a design co-working space located in Ghent near the main train station Ghent St. Pieters.

Job Market

find your next assignment at the Job Market


We help freelancers get assignments and clients find freelancers


Matches companies with freelance talent in marketing and communication


Digital Talent Agency


these partners are big supporters of freelancers in Belgium but will not be present at the conference.


A smart mobile app that helps self-employed professionals optimise their taxes

Prints. Quality. Fast delivery. Personal service


A digital matching platform linking freelancers and gigs (projects) within HR, Finance & Administration and Digital & Marketing. is the free database of> 34700 freelancers and> 30850 freelance jobs



Exploring the future of work & the freelance economy


Visuality's purpose is to drive positive change. They create impact by telling stories, sharing knowledge and facilitating people and processes. 


Belgium’s leading English-language multimedia brand


 Love to be Free by Unizo is a network platform 

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