Why Freelancers in Belgium?

Our missions: Making the lives of freelancers in Belgium easier & improve the image of freelancing. 



- Connect freelancers with each other in our active Facebook groups

- Organise live and virtual events where we share tips and resources on running a freelance business

- Create a knowledge hub for resources

- Organise Sales & Marketing focused educational sessions

- Build an eco-system with the best freelance supporters: experts, companies, content-, product- and service providers

Meet The Community Managers

Stephan Van Der Wildt

 Translation & Consulting Freelancer

Admin Freelancers in Belgium

Sabine D'hollander

Business support & Office management freelancer

Admin Freelancers in Belgium

Tracey D'Afters

Communications Specialist & Voice Over Artist

Freelance Writers in Belgium

Melanie Epp

Freelance Agricultural Journalist

Freelance Writers in Belgium

Jean-François Bodart

Business Development & Sales Specialist

Sales Freelancers in Belgium

Bart Vermeir

Business Development & Growth Specialist

Sales Freelancers in Belgium

Kelly Alix

Freelancing as Paralegal / Administrative Allrounder / Certified DPO

[Para] Legal Freelancers in Belgium

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Mic Adam
LinkedIn trainer / Social selling & recruitment / Social media policy & content maker

Freelance Trainers in Belgium

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Tina D.
Graphic Design / Books design / bookbinding
Student Freelancers in Belgium

Do you want to learn more?  

Do you have questions about partnerships? Do you have ideas and suggestions for us? Contact us via:

jenny.bjorklof @ freelancersinbelgium.be

WhatsApp: +32489509652


Invoicing address: Frank Baurstraat 30, 9000 Gent, Belgium 

VAT: 0638.864.170

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Bram Meyvis

Freelance Project Management Infrastructure

Project Management Freelancers in Belgium 
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Dirk Huyers 
Project Management Inspirator

Student Freelancers in Belgium